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"Elim" is the name of an oasis in the Bible, where the ancient Israelites guided by Moses, settled in the course of escaping out of Egypt.
Exodus 15:27 and Numbers 33:9 says there were twelve springs and seventy palm trees. In today's high tech society, Internet access is as vital for business survival as the cool spring water was to the ancient Israelites. Therefore, we chose to name our company "ElimNet"

"R2SKY" is the abbreviation for "Route to SKY", the brand of "Internet VPN leased line service" provided by ElimNet and the device developed by Elimnet for the service.

- "R"(Route) stands for "network service" or "network equipment".
- "2" means "to" in English.
- "SKY" symbolizes "fast speed", "hope", "future".

"e-NETner" is the abbreviation for "Elimnet NETWORK Partner", which is the brand of "Network Integrated Security Management Service" provided by ElimNet.

- "e" stands for Elimnet
- "NET" represents Network
- "ner" symbolizes Partner